Because all of our systems are universal they eliminate the need for multiples of the same shaft. For instance if you use OEM adjustable tips there is a good chance that you have more than one of the exact same shaft. This becomes expensive when you consider the high cost of exotic graphite shafts. Our products eliminate this necessity due to their universal nature and the fact that they utilize a single shaft component.

Not difficult at all. You simply remove the original OEM screw with tool #2336 and then use the same tool to retrofit with our color coded screw. The hosel adapter slips into position with no epoxy required and is removable so it can be used on multiple club heads. The shaft adapter installation can be performed by anyone with basic clubmaking skills.

Yes, unlike our other adapter systems the UNI-FIT system does Conform to the Rules of Golf.

Yes, you can but you will be required to bore the hosel out with a 3/8″ carbide drill or reaming bit prior to installation. You will then use part #7402 and a .355 / .370 brass conversion shim for the final shaft installation.

This is necessary due to the lack of insertion within the hosel of the golf club. To counteract this we recommend cutting the hosel so that the tip section is closer to the original insertion point. This is helpful to also remove the excess weight of the connection system. Additionally it also controls finished length when changing between various club types to eliminate overall length variances.

Yes, you can use .355 taper tips shafts with the FUSE-FIT suystem as long as they are matched to a .355 taper tip club head. This is due to the way in which the shaft adapter bonds to the shaft. Despite the fact that it is called a .370, it actually seats far enough up the shaft to be beyond the tapered section. Thus, you can use it for .355T or .370 components.

We are currently only seeking distribution partners outside the U.S.A. and each interested party will be evaluated prior to opening any new distribution account.